Coalition to Protect Our Rural Communities Inc.


Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Please be advised that we, the Board of Directors, of the Coalition to Protect our Rural Communities strives to uphold the position to defend our Rural Communities. We will work diligently to protect and preserve our land, homes, and businesses.


Though there is a battle going on we insist and persuade all of our constituents to act and speak with dignity and respect all people, groups, and municipalities along this journey.


We (CPORC) will not tolerate improper behaviors that would belittle any person or group.


It is our intention to be a Coalition that keeps this process civil and ethical.


We strive to know the facts and educate others with these facts.


We do not condone people allowing their emotions to lead them into open aggression or hostility.


All of our members are encouraged to keep it civil and interact with proper conduct at all levels.


CPORC will not tolerate any improper behaviors of verbal or physical attacks on people, groups, or organizations.


CPORC sees ourselves as a group of people that must exemplify good character. We strive to be above reproach.


We ask all members to be temperate and prudent as the engage people in our communities.


We believe that as we present the facts and point out all that is wrong with these projects we can do it in a peaceable manner and with all dignity.

´╗┐Updated 1/5/2010