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Cypress Creek Renewables

Invertor Noise Example

Haley Jones Dec 21, 2017


This is an example of the level of noise that a solar farm invertor can make. As observed during the tour, the solar farm produces a consistent, quiet hum during the day which cannot be heard past the fence line. At night, no sound is produced due to lack of sunlight. SVL Free News recorded the loudest part of the solar farm, the inverter, to provide some idea as to what a noise is produced from a solar farm.

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South Korea 

Trade ministry lays out plans to address energy storage systems fires

May 1, 2019 

Following a string of fires across the country over the last year.... the government is going to come up with measures to prevent issues at energy storage facilities,... and wrap up the ongoing investigation into the fires in June. The trade ministry said on Thursday.... that it will reveal investigation results next month.... regarding 21 fires in facilities of storage battery makers, including Samsung SDI and LG Chem... that occurred from August of 2017 through January of this year. The ministry also said,... it will lay out future plans to prevent any other disasters. The outcome of the investigation was originally planned to come out by late March,... but it's been delayed due to complications in finding out the main cause of the fires scientifically. Meanwhile, such a delay is affecting local ESS makers as well, because they failed to win new orders. The government has called on companies to suspend ESS operations until the investigation into the fires wraps up.